Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quickie with THoff

Really good interview with Tony Hoffman. Tony caught my attention last year when he began posting up videos and articles about training for bmx. I really liked what he had to say and how he was always thinking about how to get better. I asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.

Since this is a training blog, What do you feel is the most beneficial type of training?(Thoff) I believe that all aspects of the race should be trained. It's how you cycle those demands through a season that determine how well rounded you are in competition. Power, Speed, Muscular Endurance, & Strength all need to be addressed. IMO you can't have one without the other.

What exercise do you feel developes a powerful gate start?
(Thoff) I think fundamental methods like a squat, deadlift in the gym but most importantly a strong flat ground sprint that is short in distance (4-6 revolutions) and downhill sprints to improve the speed of your legs. The gym is great but if you don't do sprints the gym is a waste of time.

What other sports/hobbies you do for either cross training or just for fun?
(Thoff) I don't really do much outside of training for my personal objectives on the BMX circuit. During the summer when I have time to recharge my endurance I will ride with the local road race group. We do 27-33mph on flat and it's pretty intense, I love it though!

What was your first race bike and what year did you start racing?
(Thoff) I had a chrome Robison SST. I started racing in 1996 and stopped in 2002. I returned and started racing pro in May of 2009

Do you have any ritiuals before getting in the gate?

(Thoff) I always pray before I load into the gate... Not to win the race or for safety but I quickly make an acknowledgment to God that I am thankful for the opportunity having been through my past struggles to compete with the top athletes in the world.

How do you get over a fear of a trying something on a track like a jump you know you have to do?
(Thoff) This is a good question... I find myself not trying to think about it much. Another thing I like to do is follow a rider who's abilities I trust to give me a speed check through the section.

Any plans after your Elite career is over? Vet, amature, Road bikes, MTB, or something else?(Thoff) My plans will be to further the Freewheel Project my non-profit organization, possibly get into some coaching with a few athletes and definitely race road bikes on the crit circuit

Anything else, Shout outs, props?
(Thoff) There are many ways to reach peak performance, i've found a lot of people try to over complicate the process and or make it seem that you are not smart enough to do it on your own. If you train create a way to measure your progress or regression. If you can see your results objectively you can make the changes or tweaks necessary to enhance your performance. Your body is the best coach in the world. Learn what it's telling you.

I'd like to thank God first and all of my sponsors. Haro Bicycles, GU Energy, SRM power meters, Freelap Timing, Gaerne Shoes, DT Swiss and of course RaceFIT for the opportunity to share.

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