Friday, February 17, 2012

Quickie with Stephen Larralde

Pretty psyched on this interview. This dudes busy making deals and buying houses but he took a miniute out of his day to answer some questions, Free Agent/ Rockstar's World Champ Stephen Larralde.

When did you start racing?

(Stephen)  Started racing when I was 10 years old 1991

Since this is a training blog, do you actually train for bmx?

(Stephen) Yeah I go to the track when I can, that is good practice, however since lake perris shut down it is tough to get out to a track since they are all like 1 hour away. I also do the gym but that is only for the gun show haha.

If so what's the fav exercise to get quicker?

(Stephen)Really nothing I do at gym makes me faster, but I do, do road rides about 2 times a week and I think that helps for my cardio.

You seem to have a mental edge on the competition even though sometimes (sundays) you may not have the physical edge. How do you mentally prepare for a race?

(Stephen)You know, I really don’t know what it is, when the mains come around my mentals head a different way it’s like something comes over me and I get to a place where I need to be. I mean most of the time on Sundays I feel like I have been hit by a semi truck!! But you know what once the main comes it seems as if that is all forgotton. I think this has a lot to do when I was young, I have never been the type that gets nervous and seem to put it together when it counts. I just know what I came here to do and let it loose at the end.

I know you like to wakeboard for some crosstraining. Who's your fav rider? 

(Stephen) love wakeboarding even though I think I did it once last year ha ha. I like rusty malonaski, I think I spelled it right. He goes big! I also like byerly because he is old school ledgend!


Is there a wakeboarding trick that you want to learn but too scared to try?

(Stephen) I have a few tricks in the bag like all back flip rotations and 360’s. the trick I actually like the most and am terrified to do is a air reighly. It just scares the crap out of me. however I heard it is pretty simple. 

I see you're in love with Rockstar energy drinks, what's your fav flavor?

(Stephen) Actually driking one right now!! ha ha I love the Rockstar zero carb! All time favorite.

Best moment in bmx racing?

(Stephen) Well of course the best moment was winning the world’s last year.

Is there going to be a Larralde carrying on the name in bmx in the future? 

(Stephen)  Haha I doubt it, I don’t want to be around bmx all my life, just kidding if they want to ride then let um ride. I hope they choose something along the lines of baseball or something traditional. Ha ha

For those of you who don't know Stephen is a really nice guy and a really good racer. It may have to do with all the excess Taurine and vitamin B in his system. Thanks again Stephen!

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