Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January book club

So I just bought the book, err I mean e-book "The Little Book Of Talent". I'm about 20 pages in, and this thing is F'ing awesome. I can actually feel myself get a little smarter as I read it, If I retain that intelligence is another story. The book, basically is all about the best, most efficient ways to learn a new skill. This is particularly helpful for us BMXers, because building new skills, honing the ones we already have, and breaking bad habits are so important in this sport.

I'll probably be doing short blog posts as I read along in the book. The first one that I really felt to be important is "Steal without apology".  In short, it's about really paying attention to what the masters do and how they do it. Steal it and make it your own. Focus on the specific motions, not the general impression of the motion. When you see someone do a gate start or carve a berm, notice exactly the way they do it. Notice the little things like how the elbow bends while cornering or torso angle while doing a gate start. Now pay attention to how YOU do it, and figure out what's different.

This applies to almost any skill. If you want to get better at shooting a basketball, make your free throw look like Jason Kidd's shot and not Shaq.  Study it, emulate it and take the time to make it a natural thing and you will get better. There's a reason why almost every Elite pro rides in a very similar way, and do gates that look quite similar. It's because that is the right way to do it.

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