Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great articles and videos you should be checking out

My first RaceFit blog post in a long time contains many articles and videos that I think everyone interested in training should see. It starts off with some videos on mindset, setting goals, and then gets more into the actual training tips. Take a look around and maybe bookmark some of the authors and coaches, and study some of their work. Hope you enjoy!

"Bmx racing Goal setting" by Greg Romero

Death by chair, how much do you sit?

Touch the wall deadlifts for biking

Biggest lies you've ever been told by Martin Rooney

"Weightlifting vs. Powerlifting which is right for you?" by Allen Hedrick

"Olympic lifts and dumbells" by Allen Hedrick

25 lessons from my 25 years in the iron game by Jason Ferruggia

25 lessons from my 25 years in the iron game part 2 by Jason Ferruggia

"Tapping into the ride changing power of your mind" by James Wilson

The art of flipping the switch by Allie Mckee

Distance running for speed athletes by Mike Boyle

Ninja Warrior bedroom

Another way to build maximal strength by Chad Waterbury

Neuro-muscular development for legs by Chad Waterbury

40 day "Easy Strength" program by Dan John

"Unleash the power of the jump squat"

Are kettlebell swings better than deadlifts?

Exercises to improve your standing pedaling
3 steps to fix your KB swing for mountain biking
TylerVision videos "How to dynamicaly warm up" by Tyler Brown
TylerVision "How to tap manual" by Tyler Brown
This video has almost nothing to do with Bmx training

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